TOPMOTIVE is officially recognized as TecAlliance Platin & Solution partner. Both companies are therefore regularly exchanging information in regards to the market, new products and developments.

The cooperation is based on each other’s expertise, especially when it comes to joint projects like the DVD production or in the tools sector.





Children are the weakest of all road users. In Germany alone, 80 children have an accident daily. The non-profit organizations „Kinderunfallhilfe“ and „TEILEn e.V.“ have therefore joined their forces to better protect the kids and reduce accidents in traffic.

The thus arisen RITTERKIDS traffic-school is an interactive and pedagogically processed software to learn about traffic. Caretakers, teachers and parents can now download and use the software for free. The Software is applicable for different age groups and thus enables children to learn about traffic rules in order to move freely and safely on roads. Road safety education can be taught in an easy and playful way.In doing so, a number of selected exercises and games that can be applied at day cares, schools and even on the road itself are available.

Installed on a tablet or smartphone, RITTERKIDS offers common exercises as well as possibilities to create individualized ones that can even be share with others. Successes can be achieved very quickly and be deepend by repetition. Children to learn about the complexity of the road traffic with all its pitfalls while playing.

The software means fun can be accessed everywhere. Further information can be found on www.teilen-ev.de/ (in German only)


To bring together core competences, TecAlliance and DVSE have merged for a strategic cooperation in the field of master data for tool and workshop equipment. This partnership aims to advance the standardization of articles and developing generic articles for a range of product categories.

A joint team of data experts will develop the TecDoc catalogue tool master data with a focus on the market and commerce. The first milestones in the joint project will be visible in the first half of 2017 in the TecDoc Catalogue data.


We are happy to announce our membership in the ADPA (Automotive Data Publisher Association) that we gained at the beginning of February. ADPA is an association of European Data Publishers in Brussels that works on behalf of the IAM to ensure fairness in the market and the obtainment of OE data.


At this year´s Automechanika, we presented to our customers, partners and all interested visitors a wealth of new catalog functions that bring along tangible improvements to the daily work and allowed insights into future development possibilities.

Visitors of the IAM could see for themselves how functional and smooth information system can be operated, find out about the possibilities in catalog data quality and gain insights into the next generation of TOPMOTIVE solutions!

One could witness innovative catalog surfaces, thorough universal part searches, systems to easily manage data, solutions for optimized processes in repair shops and for the identification of vehicles in general.

In the evenings, we took the opportunity to sit together in a relaxed atmosphere and celebrate the business relations. In case you could not experience these highlights live in Frankfurt, please contact us and we will schedule a personal appointment.


GVA offers different working groups, where experts and/or junior executives meet to exchange their experiences and deepen their knowledge concerning the latest topics of the industry and market.

Two colleagues of us, Stefan Schneider and Berislav Opacak, applied in the beginning of June for the junior working group and were subsequently invited to Berlin as junior executives. After a speech and a joint dinner, they were cheeringly accepted into the junior working group.

With this membership in a second GVA working group, the TOPMOTIVE Group aims to emphasize how important the development of our industry is. We would like to move forward the IAM by working together with other market participants.


TOPMOTIVE Analytics (TMA) enjoys the biggest growth within the product lines of the TOPMOTIVE Group regarding its usage during the last 6 months. More than half of our trade customers uses this application in-house and thus gains interesting and promotional information, which was inconceivable up to now. TMA offers wholesalers completely new possibilities to analyze their customers in order to improve themselves fast and effectively. Imprecise, expensive market or inventory figures are now things of the past.

The following list aims to give you a simple insight into the basic statistics by showing 10 relevant OE numbers that were searched for 30.000 times across all our European trade catalogs although they do not have a reference to the aftermarket. These findings certainly show wholesalers in Europe sufficient potential.

With the help of the Eucon colleagues, we could also indicate the current OE prices of the partspool besides the OE numbers.


The World's Leading Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry lies ahead and our preparation are running at full speed. This year you will find the TOPMOTIVE stand amongst the industrial companies in hall 4 (4.0., A12), because the well-known festival hall 2 will not be available anymore for exhibitors. With a stand sizing 386sqm, we can attend our visitors individually at 16 work stations and present our novelties live. An excellent caterer will also serve all sorts of delicacies for your physical well-being.


We are looking forward to your visit and to thrill you with our developments once again.


The presentation of IMS at our licensee meeting 2015 has caused a strong echo. After less than 12 months of development, the first version of IMS was released in February 2016. More than 130 months of work have been invested by a team of 17 staff members to provide our wholesalers with a trendsetting tool, long wished-for. For the first time it is possible to improve and maintain catalogue data of TecDoc and the TOPMOTIVE Data Pool, which creates added value in many respects.

Our customers thus now have the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their competitors by doing good “datawork”. Multiple deliveries of e.g. brake discs matching one car could be reduced by adding pictures or information to the article. Orders by mistake and the return of the goods (approx.. 10-20% of the annual turnover) could be reduced by barring the goods from sales or add some attributes to them. With the knowledge out of TMA, our customers can increase their turnover by adding OE-numbers or match codes to not article numbers that were not found in the catalog (15-20% of all requests have no result). By adding safety data sheets, installation manuals or videos, warranty information, etc to an article, wholesalers and industry partners can give an advantage in service to their repair shops.

A short explanatory video can be found here: IMS Video


The German “Stellenwerk” Job Fair is a joint event of the Hamburg University, the College for Applied Sciences and the Technical University of Hamburg, which takes place at the University campus every year. With about 90 exhibitors and more than 15.000 visitors, it is the biggest job fair for students and graduates in the Hanseatic city. On May 10th, 2016, we presented TOPMOTIVE and gave information about our current job offers as well as career opportunities. Many students came to visit us at our stand in the west wing of the main building, where only exhibitors in the area of engineering, natural sciences, information technology and software development were presented. The atmosphere at the fair was extraordinarily great and we used the chance to increase our level of awareness and get to know IT students in person. We are already looking forward to the next company networking fair on May 19th 2016 at the College of Wismar, the University of Applied Science Technology, Business and Design.


TOPMOTIVE is a new member of TEILEn e. V., which is a benefit society of the independent vehicle service industry, and will work together with the children accident assistance campaign. Both charities are committed to the support of accident prevention and aftercare of children.

Franz-Werner Drees, CEO of TEILEn e.V. and Dr. Jan Zeibig from the children accident assistance, agreed that two hands are stronger than one. For this reason, the management and advisory board of TEILEn e.V. announced during the recent meeting that they are going to take care of children in road traffic in cooperation with the children accident assistance campaign, founded in 1998. Children from low-income families will be supported by providing bicycle helmets, safety vests and child-oriented learning material for correct behavior in road traffic. Besides prevention, also aftercare takes place by supporting round about 13,000 children who were involved in an accident and e.g. need therapeutic treatment in the buildings of the Peter Maffay foundation.

At any rate, the issue “children and traffic safety“ perfectly fits to those two societies as well as TOPMOTIVE. TEILEn e. V. is an association of more than 50 major companies in the automotive parts industry and the independent vehicle parts markets such as well-known Bosch, Sachs, Varta, Hella, Liqui Moly, Champion and TOPMOTIVE. Since it was founded in 2013, TEILEn e. V. has collected and distributed 750.000 Euros in donations. This children accident assistance campaign was created by KRAVAG, which is one of the leading insurers in the traffic business, with a donation amount of more than a million, since 1998.

Via a newly launched homepage, Facebook activities and campaigns, both societies and TOPMOTIVE aim to increase the awareness of drivers in regards to safe and maintained vehicles, high-quality spare parts, considerate driving behavior of adults, training of children and accident after care. The creators of the initiative strongly focus on providing sustainable help. There is still a lot to do in terms of safety for children on our streets.


Thanks to an amendment regarding the GVA policies (German for: General Association for Car Parts Trade) in October 2015, we gained the opportunity for a membership as of December 1st, 2015. DVSE was the first IT company to apply and was permitted besides many parts wholesalers and parts manufacturers to the association. As a matter of course, we will participate actively in the different task-force meetings and apply our know-how.

With this, we reached an important milestone and are thankful for the recognition.


Following the invitation of the task-force president, we could present our products for the truck segment to interested participants from trade and industry. The new module “Truck Garage” garnered a great deal of attention. Thanks to this, workshops get the opportunity to identify truck spare parts on OE-data level fast and easily. We are grateful about the amount of positive feedback, which we received from the audience.


We congratulate team AutoPark from Mailing to win the "German workshop price 2015".
AutoPark Mailing has already been working with our STAkis Profi since February 2008. They use the system for 8 workstations with different modules. The system was extended in May 2012 by an order-related time-logging for 30 employees and in February 2014 by a mobile scanner for material entry. Julia Engelhart from AutoPark commented on the role of STAkis Profi with the words: "We can´t do without anymore“.
Congratulations again and thanks a lot for the kind cooperation in the last years.


Today, on 21st of October 2015, Marty McFly lands in Hill Valley. In order to assure his return to 1985, we take care of the appropriate spare part: In its industry catalog, our customer Bilstein offers shock absorbers for the DeLorean DMC-12 in the flux capacitor version.


On October 1, 2015, the carefully prepared licensees meeting took place in the Parkhotel in Ahrensburg / near Hamburg (Germany). As usual, our customers and partners arrived the evening before to enjoy a gala dinner. The time at the bar was then used particularly to share friendships, exchange market knowledge and create contacts. Despite curious questions, we did not reveal any details of our new developments.

On September 30, 2015, the official part of the event took place. We could welcome more than 250 registered guests from around the world, among which were many leading figures of the parts trade and industry. This year the contents were divided in three parts and two rooms to hold the presentations simultaneously in German and English. Right at the beginning, we gave our customers an insight into the TOPMOTIVE highlights of the last two years, explained the development of our company (increase in the number of employees, founding of the holding, acquisition of ALDOC, activities in Brazil, the new homepage etc.) and pointed out a few significant facts. In the first technical part, we talked about the new catalog functions and presented the most recent developments. For the first time, the lunch break was accompanied by “Info Points”, which were supervised not only by our business partners (HaynesPro and TecAlliance) but also by our colleagues (KFZ-team and industry). The second part was dominated by the introduction of the project “UDO” and TOPMOTIVE Analytics, before we closed with a summary.

The customers were delighted by the news and showed great interest in the presented contents. We look back to a very successful event and would like to thank everyone who has demonstrated his or her full commitment beforehand.


TOPMOTIVE will be represented with a new website just in time for the licensee meeting in 2015. We present ourselves with a new look and offer clients, prospective customers and employees up-to-date information about our group of companies as well as our product and service portfolio. We also regularly provide information in our news and career section about new developments, important dates and open positions. In the coming weeks, additional content and functionality will follow.
Enjoy discovering the newly-designed TOPMOTIVE website!


I. New agreement with TecAlliance
An important milestone for the TOPMOTIVE group has been reached: In July 2015, a new multi-year cooperation agreement was signed with TecAlliance (merger of TecDoc, TecAlliance and TecRMI). We can proudly say that we have developed a promising and sustainable plan for all market participants. The cooperation between the companies was set out for the following areas, effective immediately:

  1. TecRMI: Our employees in the development department are currently working on the implementation of TecRMI modules (see point II) in our catalog systems, which we will present at the licensee meeting. Merchandising for TecRMI integration will begin in October 2015.
  2. Data User Contracts: We can also offer this directly to our catalog clients who do not have a TecDoc data-use contract at the time the contract is signed. This agreement will allow the successful continuation of close cooperation between two important market participants.

II. TecRMI Integration
Thanks to expanded cooperation with TecAlliance to integrate TecRMI content in TOPMOTIVE catalogs, we were able to begin implementation. This completely new development means that existing modules for the Smartclient were given a new and modern layout. In addition, all previously missing new modules will be integrated so that we can offer the full range of TecRMI services beginning in October 2015. Because implementation is in the form of an independent web-based module (technical term: MVC), not only the Smartclient but also the web catalog can use this integration. We thereby achieve a unified look & feel for the user interface (UI).


In collaboration with local institutions, TOPMOTIVE now offers its own license plate database for catalog customers. This makes nearly 7 million license plates and the corresponding vehicle identification number (VIN) available to our catalog clients. This corresponds to over 80% of total vehicles in Portugal. The Portuguese regulatory authorities’ data (each administrative district has its own format) requires mapping the data by hand. Thanks to the 15-member TOPMOTIVE automotive team, this work was completed in record time.


Since May 2014, we have collected a variety of data that shows us how we can improve the catalog systems and optimize the range of products. These data are taken from the four sections “Vehicle Identification,” “Search Tree/ Product List,” “Shopping Basket,” and “Direct Product Search.” A software tool has also recently been made available for our clients to collect individual checks and information for their own catalog. There is nothing else like it on the market!

Some interesting facts: Since 5/1/2014 over 100 million vehicle searches were performed in TOPMOTIVE catalogs. Through this, a total of 333 vehicle manufacturers could be identified. The TOP10 manufacturers in all catalogs in all countries: 1. VW, 2. Opel, 3. Mercedes, 4. Ford, 5. Renault, 6. Audi, 7. BMW, 8. Peugeot, 9. Fiat, 10. Citroen.
By looking at a particular country, e.g. Norway (6th place in catalog use), you can see a significantly different ranking of manufacturer: 1. VW, 2. Toyota, 3. Mercedes, 4. Audi, 5. Volvo, 6. Ford, 7. Opel, 8. BMW, 9. Peugeot, 10. Nissan

In Norway, over 4,500,000 vehicle searches were carried out in TOPMOTIVE catalogs. Through this, a total of 205 vehicle manufacturers could be identified. With 3,500,000 vehicles registered in Norway, this is an impressive number!In eco-friendly Norway, the Toyota brand appears in second place, although the brand does not appear in the TOP10 in TOPMOTIVE catalogs globally. The following Toyota models are especially popular in Norway: HIACE, RAV, YARIS and AVENSIS. It is also interesting that catalog users in Norway use the license plate search for vehicle identification at a rate of 94.15%. This example shows how TOPMOTIVE Analytics can help catalog clients to optimally adapt their product range to local needs.


In addition to the technical data from already existing service providers, we have also recently integrated OE repair information from ALLDATA in our catalog. In order to further expand on the existing potential of this area, we will offer five different data packages from ALLDATA called “Basic,” “Lite,” “Starter,” “Buy-It-Now,” and “Marathon.”


We were able to simplify access for our catalog users immensely with the introduction of our TOP10 feature. Clicking on the TOP10 icon immediately opens the product list. The steady increase in usage, which we see via TOPMOTIVE Analytics, shows that this feature is very popular with catalog clients.
However, we often did receive feedback by way of our training team (TOPMOTIVE annually leads over 800 client training sessions for wholesalers) that some icons/pictograms could not be identified clearly. So in the last few months our design team has researched and designed more than 1,000 new symbols/icons/pictograms for our catalogs. Beginning in October 2015, the new icons will be available to you in the catalog, and you will also notice significantly improved functionality for this option.


V47 is the newest data version of Autodata. Within a matter of days, we implemented complete data processing and referencing (TOPMOTIVE vehicle master and product groups) in the catalog systems. Beginning in January 2016, Autodata will provide technical data on a monthly basis (previously it was every quarter). This gives clients the latest and newest TOPMOTIVE Autodata information in the marketplace.


Correct tire pressure has a significant influence on a vehicle’s driving characteristics and safety. Since TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensors are now a legal requirement in new vehicles, our customers need individual solutions to optimize identification and sales. Regardless of the size of the parts wholesaler, TOPMOTIVE offers a comprehensive solution. Information about the appropriate TPMS system is available to our catalog users in the tire module.
Since the second half of the year, we have been able to offer a standard solution for all our catalog customers via the integration of TPMS data in our catalog systems.


As Europe’s largest catalog provider, TOPMOTIVE is constantly working to increase comfort in the use of our applications. An interface with the auto-i-dat company allows our Swiss catalog customers to identify the vehicle based on the license plate. In addition to the unique vehicle identification, the catalog also provides information about the registration via web service.


In order to also allow customers in France to search by registration plate numbers in the future, TOPMOTIVE is cooperating with the French provider CATDATA. Via web-service integration, the license plate can be searched for directly in the catalog system, and the vehicle can be found in the catalog on the basis of the available reference to the TOPMOTIVE vehicle ID. The catalog user also receives additional vehicle information such as the registration or the VIN.


With our module descriptions, we aim to explain processes and modules in simple terms and make them accessible to the user. In recent months, the back office of our sales team has created detailed descriptions in German and English for our existing and new catalog modules. As of now, all module descriptions can be seen on the new TOPMOTIVE website at www.topmotive.eu or requested from your project manager.


DVSE Austria managed this year to completely unlock the automotive aftermarket in Austria for the TOPMOTIVE group. We can now say that all wholesalers - aside from the company Trost, which will be taken over by our client Wessels+Müller - and many medium-sized companies use our systems.


Installations on company computer networks, e.g. on terminal servers, are often a very extensive and time-consuming process for IT departments. To further optimize this process for TOPMOTIVE clients, InstallShield provides the opportunity to create a so-called template for the installation. Your IT team creates this template and enables you to install Smartclient without user interaction. For a comprehensive guide, please contact your project manager.


With the introduction of new additional modules at Automechanika 2014, TOPMOTIVE also began to launch this comprehensive catalog expansion. Currently, over 50% of our catalog customers successfully use the included modules:

  • Integration von Händlerzusatzinformationen & Händlerzusatzreferenzen
  • Intelligente Fahrzeugsuche (über Grafiken)
  • Motorrad-Teilekatalog
  • Premium Universalteilesuche
  • TOP10



After years of linking to HaynesPro workshop data, we decided to program our own integration of the HaynesPro module.
We are one of the few companies in Europe to get all the program content from HaynesPro via web service AND via raw data on a pro-rata basis. This makes it possible to completely represent this data in TOPMOTIVE Design and expand data and connections with its own functions.
The HaynesPro technical diagrams are a great example. Via a logic developed by TOPMOTIVE, we can for the first time use the features of the diagrams in order to create a direct link to the replacement parts. So the user only needs to click on the desired part in the diagram and is instantly shown a selection of products.
“Just put together your own customized HaynesPro module!” Your clients can choose from among the five packages offered. And supplementation via SmartFIX information (recalls, technical maintenance releases and cases) is also possible.


In September 2014, TOPMOTIVE was also represented by our subsidiary company B-Formance at a small stand at INTERMOT in Cologne, the leading trade fair for the motorbike industry. Andre Klinkert, Berislav Opacak, Dirk Westphal and Krunoslav Bagaric presented the new, standardized motorbike catalog and the corresponding services in this area to visitors and exhibitors for the first time.
The response to our TOPMOTIVE products was very positive. Importantly, everyone agreed that there really needs to be a data standard for the motorbike industry. So we are also pleased that we are working closely with TecAlliance to move this market in the right direction.


Extensive contact management before the trade fair paid off - there was always something happening at TOPMOTIVE. Existing clients, prospects, competitors and journalists were thrilled at our booth. Whether it was premium universal parts search, motorbikes, Truck Garage, or TOPMOTIVE Analytics... there was something for everyone. The feedback was immense! We would like to thank all the visitors for this and invite you to Automechanika 2016 in Frankfurt! You will find us in area 4 this time.


In order to meet the requirements of repair shop customers, vehicle and customer data are needed. Technical indicators such as the VIN number, license plate number, registration date, mileage, engine code or customer details (name or phone number) are available in the respective billing programs for repair shops. We have created a dynamic interface based on our catalog clients’ questions about whether it would be possible to pass information relevant to repairs from the ERP system to the catalog. This function is now available in the online catalog following the update on 10/01/2015.


In May 2014, we wrote the next chapter in the TOPMOTIVE success story! After very cooperative discussions with AD Benelux, an agreement was reached on the complete takeover of ALDOC.
ALDOC is the leading manufacturer of electronic parts catalogs in Benelux. The TOPMOTIVE group has now grown to seven locations in Europe through this acquisition. We are pleased with our team’s growth, the mutual exchanges and the cooperation across national borders.


TOPMOTIVE is a member of TEILEn e.V. and so supports the Peter Maffay Foundation together with various vehicle parts manufacturers, wholesalers and independent automotive repair shops.
We see this as a complement to TOPMOTIVE Smiles. It is a TOPMOTIVE group in-house program that helps people who are in distress or in a difficult economic situation. Through the TEILEn e.V. assistance project, an entire industry puts itself to work for the interests of children in need and accepts complete responsibility for the most vulnerable members of our society. You can see more about this at: www.teilen-ev.de/foerderer-kfz-teilehersteller/


Supporting new product areas and market segments has always been important to us. In order to professionalize our activities in the motorbike industry, we established B-Formance GmbH. This new company member created the “TOPMOTIVE Bike Information System” and with it the first standardized information system for motorbike replacement parts in the entire independent aftermarket.
Motorbike parts manufacturers and wholesalers have requested for years that the market make motorbike replacement parts available in electronic parts catalogs in a structured way in addition to automotive parts. We have met this demand by developing a comprehensive information system adapted to the needs of the motorbike industry.
The focus is furthermore to promote the standardization of data. So B-Formance offers various products and services for the industry in order to improve data processing and strengthen respective market positions.